"Electric Brae" Album-2013

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Electric Brae EP 2013 In December 2012, NoiseFan went into the studio to record their first EP "Electric Brae" with their first 6 songs in English written by the group: “Wine Would Flow”,“Tears”, “The Plastics”, “Electric Brae”, “All I Ever Do Is Smile”and “She’s Invisible Now”. The band played several shows on local stages and in bars and clubs to promote this first offering which was launched in April via the iTunes Store. This first work was created by NoiseFan and recorded in the city of Leon in the centre of Mexico. Canciones:
1- Wine Would Flow
2- Tears
3- The Plastics
4- Electric Brae
5- All I Ever Do Is Smile
6- She’s Invisible Now
7- Neither Up Nor Down
8- TV World
9- Bad Chameleon
10- Survival

NoiseFan continued recording songs until July 2013 to complete their first album: Electric Brae. The record was launched in October that year as a CD and a download available from iTunes and Spotify amongst other digital stores. Electric Brae is a place in the mountains of Scotland where there is the illusion of going up the hill when in reality you are travelling downwards, which provides the central theme of the collection: Nothing’s ever quite as it seems. This concept is the central theme of the album, that links the 10 songs, again the music was composed and recorded entirely by NoiseFan, with lyrics by Simon Jarvis. Electric Brae was recorded from December 2012 to July 2013 in León, Guanajuato. México and manufactured by ProDisc in Mexico City. All of the lyrics are in English. Since launching the album, NoiseFan has been playing concerts to promote the material. In addition to concerts in their base of Leon, the band has played in San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato. Currently NoiseFan is writing new material that includes songs in Spanish, also written by Carlos Soler, and in English by Simon Jarvis.

All lyrics written by Simon Jarvis.
Music: Simon Jarvis y Carlos Soler
General Production: NoiseFan
Executive production: Carlos Soler
Recorded and mixed at Marro Records by Luis Sánchez
Mastered by Fernando Robles
Photos: Andrés Plasencia and Juan Joel Jiménez
Digital stores: Arturo Soler
Record Label: ProDisc

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"Taking Flight" EP-2015

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In May 2015 NoiseFan returned to the recording studio, this time to Testa Studio to record an EP called “Taking Flight” which contains the following tracks:
1.-All Of The Love
2.-Taking Flight
3.-Still A Child
4.- What Are You Like
Taking Flight EP was launched in digital stores in July 2015 and as a CD on ProDisc in November 2015.

Taking Flight The EP takes its title from one of the songs and describes aptly the stage the band is at as it prepares for shows in Scotland, home country of Simon Jarvis On this record the band wanted to sound different without losing the essence of NoiseFan. It’s a rockier sound, with deep-meaning lyrics that celebrate personal experiences, friendship, love, music and the beauty of. The recording took place in an analogue studio, using old-school methods; on tape, in one take, using only four instruments.Vocals and drums were recorded by Simon, guitars and bass by Charly. This new experience was enjoyed by the band and taught them new skills.

All lyrics written by Simon Jarvis
Music: Simon Jarvis and Charly Soler
Produced by: NoiseFan
Executive production: Charly Soler
Recording, mixing and mastering: Testa Studio (Kb and Fer)
Photography: Mónica Vega
Graphic Design: Bett Reyes and Andres Ramírez
Website: Bett Reyes www.imagostudio.com.mx
Record label: ProDisc

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