NoiseFan back

“NoiseFan in FIG”/ November 2016

NoiseFan formed part of the line up for the International Balloon Festival 2016 (FIG), which took place in the city of Leon
19th November, 9:30 am / 20th November, 8:00 pm


NoiseFan back

“NoiseFan in Hammer Soul”/ July 2016

After a year NoiseFan returns to the stage, appearing in Hammer Soul Leon Gto, with a spectacular sound, it was a night of great success and a great comeback.


“Viviana Rocco-Yo Trans” / Soundtrack NoiseFan-Tears / Marzo 2016

The song "Tears" from our first album Electric Brae was selected for the soundtrack of the movie "Viviana Rocco Yo Trans" directed by Daniel Reyes that has been presented at several international film festivals, including the Guadalajara International Film Festival 2016.

Canción "Tears" en Spotify


“Waiting For The World To Turn” / Simon Jarvis / Diciembre 2015

NoiseFan published a digital book in the Amazon store written by Simon Jarvis in December 2015 entitled "Waiting For The World To Turn"
How does it feel when something you've worked your entire life to achieve, begins to unravel? Waiting for the World to Turn is the story of a band at the height of its success, struggling to cope with the most evil of all scenarios; achieving their dreams.

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